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Pedestal Booms

Pedestal Booms are designed to rake material, break material, reduce downtime and keep your profits flowing in harsh and demanding applications.
  • YZH

  • YZH

We are a China company focused on the development and production of our own specialized pedestal booms for mining and constructing industries.

YZH pedestal booms are intended for quick and safe releasing of primary crushers clogged with excessively large pieces of aggregate. YZH pedestal booms are also used for primary crushing of aggregate on grates (grizzly application).

Light Type pedestal booms Application For Jaw Crushers

Lighter types of pedestal booms with smaller hydraulic hammer capable of breaking extremely hard and abrasive large stones are used for primary jaw or impact crushers. pedestal booms are used for breaking excessively large stones in crushers or for unblocking roads to crushers. The systems are mounted on crushing line steel structures or on separate supporting columns, or sometimes on concrete foundations.

Laarge Type pedestal booms Application For Gyratory Crushers

Large and high-powered pedestal booms system with large hydraulic hammers designed for continuous operation are intended for primary cone crushers. These are used for breaking excessively large stones or for releasing cave-ins (vaults) in crushers. pedestal booms are usually placed on the rugged steel structure of a cone crusher.

Small pedestal booms Application For Mobile Crushers

Mobile crushers use small pedestal booms mounted directly on their structure.

Pedestal booms Application For Grizzly

This type of crushing utilizes pedestal booms system with a corresponding sturdy design and a high-powered hammer to crush rock on a horizontal grate with specific mesh size. This is a continuous primary crushing process.

YZH takes great pride in providing its customers with the best possible aftercare services. It offers an extensive warranty and post-warranty service and fully inclusive maintenance and repair service. All machines and parts are covered including breaking equipment, grabs, specialist construction machines and all accessories and parts. This service is particularly designed in support of surface mines.

Our services are in place throughout the lifetime of the machine or part, and our goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction and to support fully functional and operational efficiency 24-7.  This will only be possible where the machines and parts are correctly installed, staff effectively trained in their operation and a fully inclusive preventive maintenance and inspection system is in place.

YZH has the experience, expertise and capability to ensure success and we see the warranty, maintenance and inspection elements as an integral part of our service offer.

We will cooperate in the development of a bespoke service agreement, with each element design to individual customer requirements. The agreement will provide a basic maintenance cover, staff training organised professional managers and specialists, and regular preventative inspections of all machines and parts. The service can include an extended warranty. 

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Add1:   The Intersection of Qizhong Avenue and Mingjia West Road, Qihe Economic Development Zone, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, China.
Add 2: No. 73, Huaicun Street, Huaiyin District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.
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